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It doesn’t do the work without buying it

It doesn’t work without buying it .


I purchased this to get the full effect of the app and it does NOTHING. All it does is tell you that you need to manually delete. I want my money back

This APP is USELESS - do not buy

So I downloaded this app and ugraded for $2.99 so I could actually have the App Removal functionality. What waste of money. I tried to remove 6 apps with this app. Every single app I tried to remove I got the message the app could not be removed with program and must be manually removed. I truly wish the reviews supported pictures because i have screenshots that show what I am talking about. What is the point of App Removal app if it cannot remove apps? DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME ON THIS APP


This app is not free. The only way you can use it is to purches the full version.. this is misleading becuase the “FREE” version dosn’t remove anything at all! Now I need to find an app to delete this one too lol

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