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App Removal

Produktivität Dienstprogramme
Entwickler liu kun

Remove entire applications, including all of their associated files.(Perfect support for OS X EI Capitan)

▪.App Packages Removal (free)
Find and remove the app packages(*.pkg,*.dmg,*.ipa,etc)you no longer need to free up more space.

▪.App Uninstaller ($2.99)
I. Uninstalls applications correctly
Removes caches, preferences, and other files located outside the Applications folder.

II. Resets applications to initial state
Choose to reinstall an application by resetting its related data

▪.Plug-ins Removal (free)
How to find plugins and manually delete the ones you dont wish to use.

▪.Pkg Uninstaller (free)
How to uninstall .pkg using native pkgutil.